Royal Education Council

The Royal Education Council (The Council) was established through a Royal Command in August 2007 to initiate and implement education reforms across the entire spectrum covering school, technical and tertiary education.

The basis for education reform is founded on the following:

  • His Majesty the King’s vision for the country;
  • Policies of the elected government to realize the Royal vision;
  • The acknowledgement among the general population that the present system leaves much to be desired in terms of providing high quality education and the need to resuscitate the education system;
  • The confidence that successful reform is achievable in Bhutan considering the small size and the political will at the all levels to support education reforms.

Inspired by the Royal Vision and mindful of the overwhelming desire of the government and citizens to address issues related to the quality of education, the Council has formulated an ambitious reform agenda for school education reforms to provide a comprehensive set of linking policies that will ensure systemic reforms. The Council plans to establish an Institute for Technical Education and a consolidated single campus University to provide greater opportunities for vocational, technical and university education as well as for it to provide an incentive for students to excel in school.